The first track and first music video by future soul duo DSCS!! DSCS is singer/songwriter Danny Severance and producer/musician Charlie Scovill. Follow @ds.cs on Instagram! Director & Producer: Kyle Yonkers. Director of Photography: Jesus Diaz. Shot in Chicago, IL.
Written and performed by Danny Severance In Kalamazoo, MI at the project pedal harp show. Thanks Kalamazoo City Limits for the video!
Fan favorite original song Safe in a totally violin version! Video by Frank Vargas of Kalamazoo City Limits
Performed at First Baptist in Kalamazoo, Michigan as part of the project pedal harp show! Video by Frank Vargas of Kalamazoo City Limits
"The people seem to be a little lonely around this town and I can't say that I don't feel the same. We smile and we sigh real hollow in the cold dark night hoping to whisper this to a stranger..." Performing with Greg West, Jess Calcaterra, & Davey Meshell

For Headstart Orlando's Music Week, I spent a few minutes with the kids to talk about music and to show them how I play the harmonica. They convinced me to do an encore, which was me singing Michelle from The Beatles.

Like Safrah on Facebook | Songwriter: Safrah Vocals: Safrah, Danny Severance Producer, Mixer: Jay Newland Master: Alan Silverman Musicians: Glenn Patscha (Keys), Zev Katz (Bass), Sherrod Barnes (Guitar), Dan Reiser (Drums) Film Credits: Producer: Brandon Hugo Arroyo, Safrah Writer/Director: Brandon Hugo Arroyo Promotions: Louis Spadaro Cast: Safrah, Danny Severance, Rosanna Lindmarker

In The End Music Video, directed by Kyle Yonkers.

Danny Severance and His Band performing LIVE on February 22nd, 2013 at Street Poets NYC



"Poets and painters are the natural bearers of [light], and all I ever wanted to do was paint light on the walls of life." -Ferlinghetti